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Poplar Springs Hospital provides a therapeutic environment designed for the treatment of behavioral and emotional disorders, adolescent sexual offending, drug and alcohol abuse, and other issues that compromise productive daily functioning.  These may include depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, self- injury, suicidal thoughts, grief, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, as well as acute psychiatric crisis conditions.  A family approach is encouraged for patients and their families to function as a unit.  This approach provides positive outcomes and long term success following discharge.

Poplar Springs Hospital is Medicaid approved and is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Heath Care Organizations.  This is also a Tricare approved facility and is available for eligible members of the military and their families.

 Adult Acute Services
The Adult program is structured to provide a supportive and therapeutic environment in a supervised setting.  Treatments and modalities are designed to reduce symptoms while enhancing personal and interpersonal functioning.  Psychiatric Intensive Treatment is offered for those patients in need of additional services.

  • Short term individualized intensive inpatient treatment

  • Includes therapy ( individual, group, family and marital) focusing on positive coping skills

  • Medication Management and Education

  • Substance Abuse EducationDischarge Planning

  • Partial Hospitalization to ease the transition from hospital to home

 Adolescent Acute Services
Adolescent Acute Services specializes in treating many of the problems confronting todayís adolescents aged 11-17.  Our therapeutic activities are structured to provide short term stabilization and treatment and helping the family to find productive ways of dealing with the problems and difficulties within the home

  • Individual Treatment and Planning

  • Therapeutic Recreation and Therapy (music and art)

  • Educational ServicesSubstance Abuse Education

  • Family & Group Therapy (anger management, life skills, coping skills, and other socialization topics)

  • Medication Management and Education

  • Discharge Planning and Coordination

 Active Duty Military Unit
We are committed to providing a safe therapeutic and conducive environment specially designed to meet the need of active duty personnel.

  • Tricare approved

  • Clinical Expertise in substance abuse, PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders

  • Military experienced staff

  • Streamlined communication between the hospital and individualís command.

 Assessment and Evaluation Services
When you or someone you love is experiencing emotional, behavioral or addictive disease problems, itís hard to know what to do.  We offer a no charge assessment to help you determine what is needed and what the next step should be.

Common problems can include:

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Substance abuse

  • Crisis stabilization

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Adolescent emotional problemsGrief

  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse

  • Behavioral problems

 Residential Treatment Center
The Residential Treatment Center provides a positive structured and caring   environment for adolescents, aged 11-17, with psychiatric conditions that require more than a short term hospitalization or outpatient care. 

  • Systematic Therapeutic environment to help ID problems and solutions

  • Using behavior modification, residents learn new coping techniques, consequences, limits and socialization to step down to a lesser level of care.

  • Attend on grounds VA licensed school 12 months/year

  • Therapy -individual, group, family (including long distance), substance abuse, recreational therapy (includes ROPES course, swimming pool, community outings) and special issues (anger mgt., grief, discharge, readiness, etc.)

Contact Person for Admissions: Pegi Marshall, 804-796-2100  pegi.marshall@poplarsprings.com

Contact Person for Contracting: Kitley Rainwater, 804-733-6874 x396  kitley.rainwater@poplarsprings.com

WEBSITE:    www.poplarsprings.com