120 Bert Brown Road
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Overview of Services:
San Marcos Treatment Center is a residential facility offering innovative treatment for adolescents with a complex array of behavioral, emotional or neurodevelopmental problems.  Renowned for the clinical expertise of staff and an international referral base, the facility is the original Brown Schools program that was opened by Bert and Lorine Brown in 1940.  Services include:

  • Residential treatment for adolescents, ages 12-17

  • Prescription Plan evaluation and assessment program

  • Long-term therapeutic programs

  • Treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders

  • Gender-specific residential programs

  • Services for sexually offensive behavior

Primary Diagnoses/Behaviors Treated:


  • Depression

  • Sexual/physical abuse

  • Developmental problems

  • Fire-setting behavior

  • Oppositional/defiant disorder

  • Sexually offensive

  • Truancy

  • Impulse control disorder

  • Psychotic symptoms

  • Substance abuse

  • Harmful to self/others

Specialty Programs:

  • Multi-focused intensive residential

  • Multi-focused Prescription Plan - intensive evaluation, assessment and treatment

  • Neuropsychiatric

  • Socialization/at-risk

  • Developmentally delayed

  • Developmentally delayed/sexually offensive

  • Neuropsychiatric/sexually offensive

Accredited by:

San Marcos Treatment Center is licensed, accredited or approved by the following:

  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

  • Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS)

  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

  • Texas Education Agency (TEA)

  • CHAMPUS/TRICARE provider

Contact Person For Admissions:  David Finley at 512-754-3208, or call the National Call Center at 800-848-9090

Contact Person For Contracting:  Sherri Gonzalez at 512-464-0245